AnatomyAR+ for Merge Cube アプリのレビュー

LOVE this app! But...

I feel you are on track to a fantastic app, and as an anatomy and physiology teacher I see amazing opportunities to utilize this in the classroom. With just a little bit more, I feel you would truly have a fantastic tool for the classroom. The ability to add a quiz mode in which labels could be placed, as well as more organs, the stomach, liver, pancreas, etc...the ability to view joints such as the knee, elbow, ankle, etc... you are off to a great start though!

Too soon to tell

Cool app. Freezes up my iPad and boots me out. Only the brain was available. Hoping work is done to improve it !


I wish it had more than just those few organs. Will there be more to come on the future? Didn’t realize it couldn’t advance to more organs.


Awesome way to see the brain, heart, and lungs! Great app!

Beautiful but...

This app looks great and has some value as an introductory learning experience BUT it is hard to maneuver and guide the learning without clear tabs for navigation at different level for each part. I look forward to delineation of the 3 parts: brain,heart, lungs, at least. AND 5-10 clear navigation points for each of those.

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